Hello there, fellow internet user. Along the way, we've all come across some nifty tools. However, sometimes, they just become hard to find. Here's a collection of things that I have found useful or are hard to get. If you have something you'd like to share, send me a comment on my Google+ page!


For those who plan to share a link to one of these downloads: Feel free to do so! So far, there has been no need to force logins to download files. Please, however, refrain from hotlinking straight to the files. As I upload updates, filenames will potentially change, breaking those links. Hotlinking may also unwittingly invite robots to consume bandwidth, slowing everyone else down. Thanks!

Also, if you're wondering, I don't own the copyright to any of these tools unless expressly stated. If you're the owner/developer of such a tool and would like it removed, feel free to contact me at (E-Mail coming soon- I have to thwart the spambots first).

HM's and TM's (Pokemon Tools)


VGMTrans is a program to extract music and soundbanks from NDS roms, for easy listening, scoring, or remixing of most games.

GBAMusRiper (Yes, Riper)

This program can take in your (legally obtained) GBA ROM files and extract the music out of them through the Sappy Sound Engine. It not only outputs .mid, but also the soundbank that goes along with it in .sf2 format.

Usage (After navigating to the bin folder):

java gbaMus.GBAMusRiper romfile.gba

Audio Tools

Deep Note

One of the most renowned clips of music in the movie industry, Deep Note not only sounds cool, but is great for testing out a stereo audio setup, including subwoofer. This is the uncompressed version of this piece, with a bitrate of over 6 megabits a second! You'll probably won't want to try to stream this. Instead, right-click the link, and hit "Save target (or link, or whatever) as..." and download it before playing.

From Borderlands 2 (By Gearbox Software)


A versatile and tiny music player, XMPlay can play pretty much any song file you throw at it, and has plugin capability for even more obscure file formats (It even supports Winamp plugins)! Also handy for converting audio files.

Video Tools

Dev Tools


If you're still out there using a CLI for MySQL or your webhost allows for remote SQL, here's just the command-line client if you don't want to download the massive MySQL package.


GPU-Z is an informational tool to see a bunch of information about your GPU(s, if you're lucky), like temperature, load, and voltages. Can run standalone or installed, too!


Similar to GPU-Z (as mentioned above), but shows information about your CPU instead. Sadly, there's no standalone running for this one.

Web Client Data

Wanted to know something about your connection or client data that I can see from the server's perspective? It's all here, including IP Adress and User-Agent!


An SSH/Telnet client for your UNIX remoting needs! It seriously is pretty awesome, though.

Written by Simon Tatham.